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What is Tim-O?

Tim-O is a private photography project of Timo Bierbaum, Munich.

For more than 20 years photography is part of Timos life. Getting to know the basics of photography already very early he started with conventional BW films. Aside from taking pictures he developed his films and learned to enlarged the picture in a laboratory. Later on he also added color photography (Cibachrome) and slides to his portfoilo. Since 2003 he mainly focussed on digital photography with a Canon SLR. Until today he has been working in a variety of fields. Starting from landscape, architecture, street, animal and macro up to fashion, people and fine art nude Currently his main focus of interest is the area of landscape and fine art nude photography.

The goal ...

Timo wants to capture the unique individual beauty of people, show sides they and other people haven't seen of them(selves). Thats why facial expressions are essential for him. Aside this it's the human in context with his/her environment and nudity. He wants to take pictures people dwell on, pictures that encourage and inspire the spectator, pictures that people reflect on, picture that show his view of the world.

Pictures of yourself!

Timo frequently works with professional models as well as with unexperienced and newcomer models. You don't feel like you could look good on a picture? It's not what you feel - it's what the photographer seens in you and captures ;-) If you should be interested in a shooting feel free to contact him any time. Before a shooting you generally meet with Timo and discuss possible setups and your individual convenience. This pre-meeting is free of charge ... and you'll never be as young as you are today again ...